Musée de l'Eau à Pont en Royans

Water bar

A world of Choice


A unique Menu : Rare and precious waters with more than fifty brands.

We take you on a round-the-world tour. Taste, buy or drink on-site some of the best waters in the World.

Chateldon, Voss, Armani, Tau, Oxygiser, Bling H2o, ...



The Collection


More than 1600 water bottles from the whole world are exhibited in the Water Bar, displayed by continent and country.

Every contributor to the collection wins a meal at the Restaurant du Musée de l'Eau (glass bottles- PET bottles win a free entrance to the Museum).



Exhibitions and events


With its 230 m2 of surface, the Water Bar is also the ideal location for our temporary exhibitions. Every year, a different artist is invited to present their work.

At the Water Bar are also organised occasionnaly concerts, seminaries and receptions


Tasting time offered to all visitors


Learn how to recognize each water by its taste

Hear their stories and discover their therapeutic properties.




La collection

des eaux

du monde






Hôtel du Musée de l'eau
BP15- Place du Breuil
38680 Pont-en-Royans
Tél : 04 76 36 15 53
Fax : 04 76 36 97 32
A proximité, visitez aussi le Couvent des Carmes, à Beauvoir-en-Royans