Musée de l'Eau à Pont en Royans

Waters of the World

What is... Water ?


The cycle of water

A meteo quizz for the whole family. Get the right answer, or beware of the storm !



Water in the human body

Did you know that the body of an average adult is made of 65 % water ? How long can we survive without drinking ? Discover how water is vital to all living beings, including each cel of our body !



Water and climates

A climate tunnel to travel from the tropics to the poles without transition !


Sharing water

More than half of humanity does not have access to enough drinking water. Use the African well and the ludisphere to learn about how water is distributed.


Water pollution

A call for attention and respect of our waters : everything that we dump into our rivers and oceans, eventually ends up edangering our own survival and the health of our planet...


Marine Monsters


Water as a symbol


And othe surprises...



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Sortie pédagogique et ludique 2018

Visite du musée de l'eau et de la Grotte de Choranche

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 Grotte de Choranche - Visite guidée © Vitte Bruno




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